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 You got here because you have a true passion for Air and Water Cooled Vw's and are in interested in our show that takes place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Please feel free to browse around the site and share with other VW enthusiasts.  You can follow the 2016 YU BUGGIN VW Show on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  We encourage you to visit our sponsors page and remember this site is to promote the VW enthusiasts and lovers of Air and Water Cooled VW's.

Sincerely, Joe Griffey

 My name is Joe Griffey and I am the promoter for the show. Ever since I was a kid I loved my dad's VW Beetle that he drove back and forth to work everyday. When I turned 16 years old he handed it down to me to drive to school and work. The first time I drove it by myself I was hooked! From that day forward I have had a true passion deep down for Aircooled VW's. I hope to see and meet you at the show and hear your story about your true passion for Volkswagens.

     Sincerely, Joe Griffey               Contact (404) 834-5303  or


My name is Jose Gonzalez and I am helping my son promote YU BUGGIN as a secondary promoter. Originally born and from San Juan, Puerto Rico, I started helping my brother work on his "VOLKY" (that's what we called them there) growing up and loved the concept on how the cars operated and looked. As an adult I moved to the states and bought my first VW Beetle in 1986. I fixed it up enough to drive it and then I handed it down to Joe when he turned 16. That same VW Beetle I bought in 1986 ("RED") is the beetle that Joe now owns. We started to restore it how he wanted it to look and the rest is history!! I'm so proud of him for coming this far with the hobby and promoting his own show.
                                                                                                                                                        Sincerely, Jose Gonzalez                Contact (678) 898-5555 or

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